Gi3 - Green Innov Industry Investment is the first Holding dedicated to the investment and development of innovative green industries in Morocco. It aims to become one of the most important players in the green industry in Africa in the following areas:

  • Thermal solar energy,
  • Solar photovoltaic,
  • Energy storage (electrochemical, thermal, and hydrogen)
  • IoT and electric mobility.

Industrial Units

The first industrial unit of Gi3 is MYSOL. It is the first Moroccan industrial unit of production of solar water heaters for sanitary water of residential and collective buildings, with an industrial integration rate of more than 80%.
The second industrial unit will integrate production lines for wafers, cells, and photovoltaic modules.


Gi3 industrial units produce several solar equipments, including thermal collectors - solar water heaters, wafers, and photovoltaic cells as well as high-quality photovoltaic modules with a local industrial integration of more than 80%. The products are certified according to the strictest international standards and designed for optimal performance adapted to regional climatic conditions.
Our watchwords are QUALITY and COMPETITIVENESS.




Badr Ikken


Executive President
Zakaria NAIMI

Zakaria NAIMI

General Manager
A competent and committed team of businessmen active in the economic development in Morocco in various sectors and experts in the field of renewable energy and green technologies as well as in innovation.

Gi3 is an instrument of support, financing, and development of innovative technology companies in the field of clean technologies in Africa and more strongly in Morocco.

MYSOL projects


Launching of MYSOL CES construction work

Renewable energies: Launch of the construction of the first 100% Moroccan solar water heater factory on 16th January 2023 in Tifelt

Visit of the president of the Millenium Challenge Corporation

Reception of Mrs. Alice ALBRIGHT, President of the Millenium Challenge Corporation, on March 15, 2023, in Tiflet to present the MYSOL CES project, a manufacturing plant of solar water heaters made in Morocco developed by the company Gi3

Testimony on the MYSOL CES project

Testimony on our Green Entrepreneurship project on March 16, 2023, in Rabat, MYSOL solar water heaters that will be taking place in the Industrial Park of Aïn Johra, developed with the support of the Compact II program of the Millenium Challenge Corporation MCC

Contact us

Head office
12, angle Avenue el Melia and Ghissassa Street, Souissi district

Ain Johra Industrial Park, Ain Johra Rural Municipality

00 212 537 65 17 71

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